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MONIN 5ml Pump for 25cl Bottles

MONIN 5ml Pump for 25cl Bottles


MONIN 5ml portion pump for use with 25cl MONIN syrup bottles only. Comes with assembly and care instructions. For. . .
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Product Information

Serving Suggestion
Not for use with 700cl bottles of syrup. Not for use for Le Fruit de MONIN or La Sauce de MONIN.
Usage Guide
Dispenses 5ml of syrup, for an accurate measure. For 25cl: tube has to be cut to size. Unscrew the pump from the bottle and place it in warm soapy water - Pump several times to remove the remaining syrup - Pump through with clean water until the water is clear - Remove the pump from the water - Pump again until air comes out of the pump - Detach the tube from the pump - Let all parts dry - Pump can now be screwed back on the bottle - Ready for use Clean the pump twice a week (not in a dishwasher, but rinse pump with warm water) - Clean the pump before first use - Unlock pump (turn counterclockwise) - Place the pump in the bottle, do not screw the pump yet - 2x pump fully press - Pump can now be tightened on the bottle - Ready to use Remove the plastic pourer from the bottle - Hold the bottle firmly with your left hand (if you are right-handed) and a teaspoon in your right hand (or vice versa if you are left-handed). Do not use sharp objects such as knives, screwdrivers, etc. - Insert a teaspoon into the neck and press against the plastic pourer. Take out the pourer in one movement.

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