Rippled Iced Lollies

Rippled Iced Lollies

20 minutes plus freezing time

serves 12-14

Delicious summery treat. Ideal to make and store in the freezer, ready for hot sunny days.

20 Minutes Food Summer Summer Berry Compote Sweet
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1. Place the Greek yoghurt and honey in a large bowl and mix well.
2. Fold in half of the compote, but don’t mix thoroughly to retain the ripple.
3. Place a little compote into each of the ice lolly moulds and spoon in the Greek yoghurt mixture.
4. Tap each mould so the yoghurt goes to the bottom. If you have any compote left, add a little more as you fill.
5. Once filled, level off the top and sprinkle with hundreds and thousands, if you fancy.
6. Place a stick into the lollies, and pop into the freezer until set.


• 1kg of Greek yoghurt
• 200ml honey
• 1 jar of Opies Summer Berry Compote
• Hundreds and thousands, to decorate

20 Minutes Food Summer Summer Berry Compote Sweet