Black Cherry Doughnuts

Black Cherry Doughnuts

Crafted with precision, these delectable Homemade Black Cherry Doughnuts offer a taste of pure indulgence.
Black Cherries with Kirsch Eggs Food Sweet
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1. In a jug combine the yeast, half a tablespoon of the granulated sugar and 2 tablespoons of warm water. Leave in a warm place for about 10 minutes or until doubled in volume and foamy.
2. In a large bowl mix together the yeast mixture, flour, milk, butter, egg yolks, remaining 2 tablespoons of sugar and salt. Using a food mixer with a dough attachment, knead on a low setting until the dough comes together. Increase the speed then knead for a further 10-15 minutes or until the dough is smooth and stretchy – be careful not to over work the dough at this point! If it’s a little too sticky and not coming away from the sides clean, add some more flour.
3. Tip into a large bowl, cover with a piece of oiled cling film then leave in a warm spot to rise for 1- ½ hours or until doubled in volume. Knock back the dough and roll out to ½ inch thick, then use a 3” round cookie cutter to cut out discs until all the dough is used up. Brush the discs lightly with oil then cover with another piece of oiled cling film and leave to rise for about 1 hour or until doubled in size.
4. Heat the oil in a heavy pan until it reaches to 180ºC. Carefully add 2-3 doughnuts at a time to the oil and deep-fry for 1-2 minutes on each side until golden before removing with a metal slotted spoon and resting on kitchen towel. Leave to cool completely before rolling them in the granulated sugar to get an even coating.
5. Drain the cherries and blitz in a blender with 2 tablespoons of cherry jam. Add a couple of tablespoons of kirsch syrup to loosen the jam slightly then fill a piping bag. Use the piping nozzle to poke a hole in the side of each doughnut, then pipe the jam in until filled. Best eaten same day.


• 7g sachet dried yeast
• 2½ tsp granulated sugar
• 425g all-purpose flour
• 235ml whole milk, warm
• 50g unsalted butter, softened
• 3 large egg yolks
• Pinch of salt
• 2l vegetable oil, for deep frying

For coating:
• 220g granulated sugar

For the cherry kirsch filling:
• 1 jar Opies Black Cherries with Kirsch
• 2 tablespoons black cherry jam

Black Cherries with Kirsch Eggs Food Sweet